Taking medication can help a person’s mental and physical well-being. However, many people forget to take their medication consistently and fail to reap the benefits. Here are a few reasons why people forget or refuse to take their prescriptions and ways that you can help.

Lack of Routine

Taking medication regularly has to become a habit. Like most habits that stick, it’s important for individuals to do it at the same time every day if possible. You can discuss the importance of setting up a routine with your patients, so they will understand how. If a medication needs to be taken first thing in the morning without food, make sure that patients know that they can take them first thing in the morning. Medication that has to be taken with meals can be placed on a separate saucer next to a food plate. This is a definitive way to remember it is there. Once this routine becomes a habit, patients won’t even have to think about it. Taking medication will be an ingrained part of their everyday lives.

Side Effects Fears

It’s true that medication can help a person feel better. It’s also true that negative side effects can keep someone from wanting to take his or her medication. Even fear of possible side effects is enough to make some patients shy away from taking their medicine regularly. It’s best to demystify the side effects of a medication when possible and discuss with patients what they need to be concerned about for their safety. There are some apps designed to list side effects that affect drivers. This can help ease the minds of patients who are concerned about losing independence. Let your patients know that they should report side effects if they are affecting their lives regularly, so they can be switched to a different medication.

The Cost

Medication can be prohibitively expensive, and even those who have insurance can’t always afford to pay for monthly refills. Even if a medication is working for a patient, he or she may not be able to continue using it if the price is too high. When possible, allow patients to use generics to lower the costs. It’s also wise to find the best medicine at the most reasonable price. It may mean you have to skip your first choice and choose something cheaper, so your patient can stay on it longer.

Taking medication consistently can help with many ailments. However, they need to be taken with the utmost care. It’s important for patients to know why and how to take it regularly.