The medical community isn’t the only field recognizing that there is more to healthcare than just treating illness. More jobs are offering wellness programs to help their employees manage health before they have problems. It’s an innovative approach that offers a multitude of benefits.

Lifestyle Approach

If it feels like an employer only cares about you when you fall ill, then it seems like your ability to work is all they truly appreciate. On the other hand, companies that offer wellness programs are showing that they are interested in their employees as people. They are focused on more than just work and want their employees to have an overall better life by focusing on wellness. A healthful approach to life can make people feel better mentally as well as physically. Of course, a company with people enjoying healthy lifestyles is also likely to have fewer people out on sick days. This approach embraces an employee’s wellness in every way, from physical to mental. It’s a great way for a company to support an overall healthy lifestyle approach as opposed to simply becoming concerned when an employee is sick.

Employee Retention

Employees are 40% more likely to be loyal to a company when they feel like their employer-provided benefits make a positive impact on their life and general wellness. That makes wellness programs an important component in employee retention. Wellness programs allow employees to feel seen as whole individuals, and that creates loyalty. Wellness challenges in the workplace are also a great way to spotlight an employer’s interest in their employees’ well being. A wellness challenge can focus on exercise, healthy food intake or other aspects of preventative care that boost an employee’s health. Wellness programs and challenges can be customized to each employee’s specific needs.

Reduced Employee Stress

Wellness programs focus on employees as whole people whose minds and bodies are interconnected. Wellness programs give an employee a way to focus on mental health and learn to handle stress before it leads to physical ailments that can derail his personal and work life. Employees who are less stressed are more likely to be present at work and focus more effectively. This is good for employees, employers, and morale within the entire company. Less stressed workers are happier and more productive, and wellness programs offer a way to make that happen.

Wellness programs help employers and employees in a variety of ways. Offering them is not a passing trend, and the benefits are ongoing for everyone involved.

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